Apple is Finally Giving Us a Zombie Emoji and More!

Photos: Apple

In celebration of World Emoji Day on Monday, Apple announced some new (and if you ask me, long overdue) additions to the emojis available through iOS coming to an Apple product near you later this year.

The new emojis will include fun additions such as a dinosaur, a zebra, a sandwich, a mind blown emoji and elf, a genie and much, much more.  The new emojis also seem to be more inclusive of women as they will be adding a breast feeding emoji as well as a woman with a headscarf.

What we are REALLY super excited for though is the awesome zombie emoji!  YES!  And we might be a tiny bit excited about the vomit emoji as well.  That emoji would have so many different levels of usage in text convos.

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted out the news using the adorable gif below:

There are already thousands of different emojis available through iOS that can help us express ourselves and add a little personality to our messages but, the new emojis will really bring texting to the next level! What do you think of the new emojis coming to iOS this years?  Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.  Bonus points if you tell us your thoughts by only using emojis!

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