YouTube Spotlight: Cosplay Shorts

The worlds of cosplay and fan-films collide in Crimson Vision Studios’ latest production: Cosplay Shorts. The ongoing series takes cosplaying out of the convention halls and straight into world of superheroes. Each episode features well-known heroes and villains from the DC universe set in new situations. The Green Arrow, The Flash, Reverse Flash, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Kid Flash, and Daredevil all make appearances.

The universe of The Flash takes a starring role in multiple episodes.

It’s clear that the videos are a labor of love. Almost everyone involved seems to be pulling double-duty. The episodes are written by Colin Bass, who also stars. Sean Swanson directs, films, and edits. Even the scorer, Salvatore Spinelli, has an onscreen credit in episode four. It’s always evident when a cast and crew is enjoying their work, and that’s definitely the case here. The addition of professional-grade costumes and authentic-looking scenes total up to deliver an enjoyable watch every time.

Sean Swanson (left) directs and edits each episode, while Colin Bass (right) writes and stars.

There are currently seven episodes available online, and with each one clocking in at under 3 minutes, this is one show that viewers won’t have to feel guilty about bingeing on. See below for a compilation video, and be sure to subscribe to the Crimson Vision Studios channel on YouTube to stay up to date on new episodes.

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