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Dinah Drake Suits Up in First Look at ‘Arrow’ Season Six

Image: The CW

Dinah Drake Suits Up in First Look at Arrow Season Six

Image: The CW

Entertainment Weekly unveiled the first look at Dinah Drake as Black Canary for season six of Arrow. And I think it’s a pretty awesome costume. It is a little reminiscent of Black Canary’s look in the comics with the hint of fishnets and the yellow and gold in the trim. I’m really digging the mask and the gauntlets.

Dinah Drake joined the team late in season five and was on the island when it exploded. Considering we’re getting a look at her new costume, I think she survived the finale.

Executive Producer Wendy Mericle spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the new costume, saying that they were waiting for the right moment for Dinah to finally suit up, and the season six premier felt right. Dinah spent most of her time on the team in season five trying to figure out if that’s really what she wanted to do. It was also hard because she knew that she was stepping in for someone that was loved by the rest. One of the turning points for her character is definitely when Quentin Lance christens her the Black Canary. Now she has the suit to match her newfound confidence in being a superhero.

Mericle adds that season six is shaping up to have the theme of family; family by blood and family born through shared experiences. This makes a lot of sense considering the catastrophe at the end of the season five finale. Those that make it off the island alive will all be forever bound by this trauma.

Arrow season six premiers on The CW Thursday, October 12, at 9 p.m. ET.

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