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15 Times ‘The Office’ Warmed Your Heart

When Michael told Jim to go after Pam

Michael’s no holding back advice to Jim probably had more of an impact than we will ever know.

Pam does the coal walk

One of Pam’s most best moments on the entire series.

Andy’s quote about the good ol’ days

This is probably one of the best quotes from the entire series.

Michael proposes to Holly

It’s hard to find something better than the moment when Michael Scott got everything that he ever wanted.

Jim and Pam find out about their baby

Jim’s face in this entire scene…swoon.

Jim shows pam the video

The relationship these two had was actually unfair, and even though the final season tried to get between them, there was no chance of that happening.

Dwight consoles Pam

Dwight’s tender moment with Pam followed by asking if she is PMSing is probably oddly sweet.

Michael comes to Pam’s art show

At the end of the day, Michael cared so deeply for the people that he worked with and when he was the only one to show up to Pam’s art show it just completely melts your heart.

When the cast sings Rent to Michael

Try not to cry.


Pam and Jim get married just the two of them

These two were always going to have a perfect wedding, but when they snuck off to get married just the two of them before the ceremony, it was even more perfect.

Jim is a good friend to Dwight

Jim and Dwight were always at odds but at the end of the day they always had a soft spot for each other.

Kevin gets the parking spaces

It may not be the most obvious scene, but Kevin deserved this win after he was going through a hard time.

When Michael gives Dwight a good review

When Jim finally asks out Pam

Just look at her face.

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