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Encore VFX Releases Breakdown Video for ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ “Invasion!” Episode

Image: The CW

Encore VFX Releases Breakdown Video for Legends of Tomorrow “Invasion!” Episode


In this season’s epic four-way crossover episode between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, our favorite heroes team up to take on the Dominators, a race of aliens who have come to take over the Earth. Everything culminates in an epic showdown on Legends of Tomorrow. Encore VFX, supervised by Armen Kevorkian, has released a video that gives us a look at how all the visual effects came together in the crossover finale.

Nothing goes to show how incredible an actor is until you watch something like this and see them having to react or fight absolutely nothing (or there’s a big guy in a gray suit dragging you around). The visual effects were great in all the “Invasion!” episodes, but they really had to be something special in the finale and I think they did a great job bringing the Dominators to life and having everyone fighting together on that rooftop. It’s amazing how far special effects have come.

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