Chrissy Metz Shares her Favorite This Is Us ‘Hiatus Photos’

This Is Us being on hiatus has given fans time to rewatch the series (maybe more than once) or at least rewatch their favorite episodes. The show was easy to fall in love with the first time around, but each time you tune in to watch those incredible episodes of television again, you find all the more reasons that the series has left an impact on your heart.

That sentiment is just as true for the cast members who are experiencing the hiatus a bit differently. They’re all fans of the show, but they experience it on levels that fans at home don’t. So when the hiatus happens between seasons, they’re more affected by it than we are. Sure, they still do interviews and have press events for the series and they work on other projects too, but there’s something special about This Is Us that never leaves you once it catches on.

Chrissy Metz has been enjoying the hiatus and still being able to spend time with the show. She recently posted to Facebook with some of her favorite photos from the hiatus. From incredible moments with her friends and co-workers to stunning selfies and photo shoots; she’s truly enjoying This Is Us and what it’s brought into her life.

Our favorite shot was one of Chrissy and Milo that embodies both of their personalities, at least, parts of their personalities.

Another photo showed Chrissy in a shot with some of the most stunning and powerful women in Hollywood. She fits in perfectly.

There’s a shot of the cast on the red carpet, where they’re all smiles. It’s one of our favorites.

She also shared this stunning selfie, and while she’s one of those people who embodies natural beauty, she also looks stunning all dolled up.

Her Facebook page has more photos you can look through alongside the sweet sentiment she shared when she posted them. Hiatus has been so much fun!

‘Hiatus has been so much fun! From our International Berlin Premiere, Red Nose Day, The Hollywood Report Roundtable, #FYC Events, The Gracie Awards, Television Honors Awards and Family Feud I am one grateful girl! #ThisIsUs #Pearsonsinthehouse #September

What is your favorite photo that Chrissy shared from the hiatus? Are you counting the days until This Is Us returns? Let us know.


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