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‘Supergirl’ Finds Its Next Big Bad in Odette Annable

Image: DC

Supergirl Finds Its Next Big Bad in Odette Annable

Odette Annable (Pure Genius, Astronauts Wives Club) joins season three of Supergirl as the next big bad: Reign.

Reign first appeared in Supergirl‘s New 52 comic run. She is a worldkiller, much like Doomsday. As an infant, Reign is taken in by Kryptonian scientists who give her new abilities. With a plan to conquer Earth, Reign quickly becomes an enemy of Supergirl’s. The character was created by Michael Green and Mahmud Asrar.

So is Reign the mysterious pod baby that was teased in the season two finale? It seems like a strong possibility. The creepy robed people could very well have been Kryptonian scientists, but it is their dialogue as they send the child away that is the strongest indicator. They say that the child will become strong and reign.

What do you think of Reign being the season three antagonist?

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