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‘Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff Releases Trailer

The Big Bang Theory has a new spinoff and the trailer is here!

Young Sheldon stars Iain Armitage as a bow-tie-wearing Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is new to the 9th grade and not everyone is as happy as he is.

“I’m not planning on being in the 9th grade for very long,” he says to his older brother. His twin sister is very happy that Sheldon won’t be a part of her class.

Watch the trailer to see the adorable young Sheldon.

The young Sheldon is very similar to the one we know and love from The Big Bang Theory, he loves trains and questions everyone’s intelligence. The difference comes from the feel of the show.

Young Sheldon doesn’t really look or feel like The Big Bang Theory, it’s multicamera and takes place less on a soundstage than in real locations to give it a more modern feel.

The series will also feature Jim Parsons as older Sheldon.

Young Sheldon is set to premiere  September 25th on CBS.


What do you think of the trailer?

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