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Review/Recap of ‘Lucifer: God Johnson’

When the lead suspect in Chloe’s latest case declares himself God, Lucifer takes notice. Could the man really be who he says he is or is it just a hoax?  Lucifer’s determined to find out… and he’s not taking “no” for an answer.

This week’s episode was excellent. There were a few issues here and there, but, overall, the episode was well done.

One of the biggest highlights of this episode for me was guest star Tim Omundson. He did such a terrific job as God.  As a fan of his previous work (“Judging Amy,” “Jericho,” “Supernatural”) I know he can bring the goods to any role that he takes on.  Though this seems to be a one time appearance, I sure hope that he will pop up in another episode in future seasons.  Yes, it seems “God Johnson” was just a mortal man influenced by an immortal weapon, but God could choose to take control of the man again, right?  Or does a “vessel” (for lack of a better term) have to be dead for a supernatural being to “set up shop” in this universe? I’m not sure.  I do know one thing for certain: Omundson and Tom Ellis worked well together.  Seeing them in the ultimate face off would be a real treat. Lucifer’s ready to make both of his parents suffer, so I’m sure it would be a heated battle.

Only three more episodes to go in the season. Will Lucifer and Amenadiel be able to find all of the pieces to the Flaming Sword in time to make a return to Heaven?  Will Mama Morningstar’s vessel be able to hold up until they do? I can’t wait to find out.

Parting thoughts:

  • DB Woodside’s been bringing it lately. Can we get an Amenadiel centered episode soon?
  • I hope Maze gets a bit more to do now that Amenadiel spilled Lucifer’s plans. I love the character. She hasn’t had much to do so far this season, so seeing her reaction to being left out of the loop (and potentially left behind) will be interesting.
  • Ella’s new obsession with the Joan Osborne song ‘What if God was One of Us?’ did make me chuckle.
  • How sad is it that Lucifer knows his father would never say the things God Johnson did to him in the hospital?  If you could power the Flaming Sword with anger Lucifer would not have an issue.

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