Disney Plans ‘Star Wars’ Themed Hotel

Image: Courtesy of The Telegraph

How big of a Star Wars fan would you say that you are? Do you find yourself having 25 different shirts? Are you a Star Wars cosplayer? Have you seen the movies more than 7 times each?

Regardless of whatever your answer is, if you are a fan of the Star Wars series… we have some exciting news for you!

According to a recent report from The Telegraph, Disney is developing a new Star Wars themed hotel. Currently, the plan for this luxury resort is  to open in 2019 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Currently, we do not have the full details on the potential hotel, but the news is nonetheless exciting. Traditional amenities are also set to include a pool area, water park, and fitness center, along with a few appropriately Star Wars inspired locations and features, like a cantina for meals and wait staff dressed as droids for guest services.


Concept Art, Star Wars “Starship” resort at Walt Disney World

According to Walt Disney World News Today, Disney has sent out a survey to guests gauging their interest in a possible hotel resort experience inside Disney World, most likely located in Star Wars Land, which would be designed to look like you’re staying on a starship.

The survey also highlights the unique experience you would get out of the two-night, all-inclusive package that will cost roughly $900 to $1,000 per guest, including a two-day story set in the “Star Wars” universe, personal interactions with “Star Wars” characters, live performers throughout the starship, plus the ability to engage in the story by doing flight training, ship exploration, lightsaber training, and personalized secret missions.

How exciting is this news!? Stay tuned for more details!!


Sources: Business Insider, Telegraph, WDNT

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