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Black Siren Returns To Set Up Emotional Arrow Season Finale

Arrow is nearing the end of its Fifth Season and it looks like we won’t get to catch our breath any time soon. Despite Oliver seemingly taking down Prometheus in this week’s episode “Honor Thy Father”, it looks like the worst is yet to come as Team Prometheus starts picking off Team Arrow one by one! Though it’s not so much the “picking off” that will hit audiences the hardest, but rather the confrontations to come as we find Black Siren and Quentin Lance coming face to face in some newly released photos from next week’s episode “Missing”.

Black Siren caused quite the stir earlier this season when she returned. Much of this credit goes to the writers and Katie Cassidy who at every turn played up the ambiguity and emotions. Is Earth-2 Laurel truly a pile of raging emotions or are there still some signs of goodness left in her? Was Oliver being blinded as usual or was he onto something? Was Felicity being too harsh or was she calling it as it is? We’re used to all of those moments by now, but there is one moment that we have never been prepared for – no matter how many times we’ve seen it: Quentin Lance & his daughters.

Remember that Laurel was “his rock” – both figurative and literally. Laurel helped Quentin through his alcoholism and rage. In Season 3, she (literally) helped support him as Quentin collapsed into his chair learning that Sara was dead. So it’s beautifully fitting that when Laurel died last season, there was no one there to catch him as he fell to the ground. Paul Blackthorne has always been one of the greatest actors on Arrow, so imagine what he and the writers can do when Quentin comes face to face with the evil doppelganger of his beloved daughter.

Credit: The CW

As I said before, Black Siren caused a emotional maelstrom for Oliver so it’ll be 100x worse for Quentin. To date, we have YET to see a parental interaction across multiple Earth’s – the closest we have is Barry seeing Joe West on Earth-2 and his dad as Earth-3’s Speedster. Though here we have two people who are both parent and child on both Earths. This season of Arrow has been big on legacy and family, and having a face off between Quentin and Earth-2 Laurel fulfills ALL of that. Will Quentin get through to his Earth-2 daughter or is she too broken? Remember that on Earth-2, Oliver actually died on the Queen’s Gambit and Robert Queen survived to become The Arrow. Heartbroken Laurel then moved away to Star City and thus got his by the Particle Accelerator, but there’s more to this tale that we’re sure to learn!

As we saw with Dinah Drake’s ‘Canary’ origin, she screamed her head off at the time of the explosion, so Laurel most likely did too. What drove her to that heartbreaking scream? What did she suffer? Perhaps it’s tied to why Earth-2 Laurel moved from Star City in the first place. Did she just lose Oliver or her father too? What was Earth-2 Quentin’s fate? Did he never grow out of his alcoholism and push his family further away? These old wounds are sure to come to the surface in these remaining episodes – and maybe next season as well. So be sure to bring your tissues and get ready for some stellar acting as Arrow Season 5 starts to come to a close!

Credit: The CW

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