Alien: Covenant Premiere: Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride Reveal Filming Challenges

Last night the cast of Alien: Covenant joined the film’s director Ridley Scott on the red (well, green) carpet for the global premiere held at Leicester Square, London.

The film’s leading lady – Katherine Waterston (Daniels) – stunned in Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2017 couture as she revealed that her onscreen running was a big challenge for her throughout the production of Covenant.

During a Facebook live video posted on the Alien: Covenant UK page, Waterston said: “Paul Thomas Anderson kept sending me e-mails going ‘the girl in the new Star Wars movie is running really well – don’t screw this up’.

“He was haunting me so I was really paranoid about it. I feel like I look like a fraggle. It’s scary to be chased especially when you’re in a space suit that has magnets sticking you to the floor,” she added.

London UK : Cast and crew at the World Premiere of Alien – Covenant in London’s Leicester Square. (Credit: StillMoving.net for Fox)

Waterston wasn’t the only one to address their struggles during filming, Danny McBride (Tennessee) was surprised to find out that he suffers from claustrophobia.

Speaking about his on-set struggles, McBride said: “I learned quickly that I’m claustrophobic, especially when putting on helmets. So I learned how to take deep breaths.”

Check out some photos from the night below:

Alien: Covenant lands in theatres May 12 (UK) and May 19 (US).

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