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CGI Artist Re-imagines ‘The Walking Dead’ finale, What if Carl Died?

It hasn’t been that long since The Walking Dead season 7 finale, so I bet that awesome battle scene is still stuck your heads, right? You know the one where Shiva the badass tiger interrupts Negan before he can bash Carl into oblivion.


But what if Shiva didn’t leap into action and scare the crap out of Negan? What if Carl ended up as a victim of Lucille?

Well YouTuber WackyWeirdo made an animated video using for us. Check out the video below-

And if Carl gets the bat, we all know Rick will lose it and do something crazy. Unfortunately, that crazy thing in the video above, gets him killed. And yeah the Saviors, probably wouldn’t use that many bullets, it’ s overkill. But I think WackyWeirdo nailed it!


What do you think of the video?

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