‘Bat Appreciation Day’ Special: The Evolution of Batman

Image: The Dark Knight

Good Morning Fan Fest! Today is a very special day for us at Fan Fest because of today’s National Day ‘Bat Appreciation’ Day! Most people when they think about bats automatically refer to the tiny winged nocturnal mammal that flies around at all hours of the night and holes up inside our shutters.

However here at Fan Fest, ‘Bat Appreciation Day’ has a whole different meaning to us. So in honor of today, we’ve gathered some photos of Batman throughout the years! Scrolling through these photos has made us extremely nostalgic, that’s for sure!

Who was your favorite Batman?? Tell us in the comments below!!

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Sarah is a comic loving junkie who takes pride in her nerd-ism. Growing up, she found herself drawn to the Batman comics and Philadelphia Sports. You never see her without a comic book or camera in her hand. Sarah loves photography, comics, and her family more than anything else in the world. <3