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WATCH: The Walking Dead’s Negan Quotes Mash Up with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’

Warning!  The below video is AWESOME but, is full of Negan language.

Negan is certainly unlike any other character we have ever seen (or probably will ever see) on the Walking Dead.  Played brilliantly by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the character is big, bad, with a specific set of rules, a menacing leaning stance and a very colorful vocabulary. His way with words makes for so many great one liners on the AMC show.  One fan of The Walking Dead took it upon herself to forever immortalize some of Negan’s most recent memorable quotes in an amazing viral video.

YouTube user xSoppySofax came up with the brilliant idea to takes some season 7 Negan scenes and match them up to Ed Sheeran’s popular hit Shape of You.  Sheeran’s song has been used in other mash ups, such has this adorable “Teletubbies Dancing” version but, Negan certainly brings his own flavor the song.

Negan’s version, titled Stupid Little Prick Named Rick, is below for your viewing and listening pleasure.  Once again, beware of the Negan language in the video below:

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