5 Superheroes Who Make Capes Look Cool

Image: Warner Bros.

Ever since Disney’s movie The Incredibles hit the theaters, one famous tag line that has stuck since then is Edna Mode’s famous line stating ‘No Capes!’ due to the fact that she had seen so many superheroes get injured from the, in Edna’s mind, ‘unnecessary accessory’.


Alright Edna, I guess I can see your point. Although I would have to say that there are some superheroes and fans that would disagree with the statement. Maybe all they really need is a ‘how to wear’ guide. There’s gotta be super hero classes for that type of thing, right??

At any rate, here are some GIFs of Superheroes who prove that wearing a cape can be pretty darn cool.

1. Superman

2. Thor

3. Batman

4. Dr. Strange

5. Storm

There are plenty of more, but these 5 definitely know how to wear the cape well. Sorry Edna, but capes do rule! 🙂 Not that you need a cape to be a superhero (yes, not all superheroes wear capes), but they still look pretty cool to me!!

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