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The Walking Dead Ended With A Bang!

The Walking Dead


“This year the same thing. The first 4 episodes will melt people’s minds and break their televisions.” ~Scott Gimple~

I can only say that the season finale was a jaw dropping episode. It kept me on my feet! Literally!
A war has arised against the Saviors. Who will win? Who will die?
What Sasha did was sad but it was smart. So I give her props. It literally knocked Negan off of his feet! But at least shes with Abraham now.

The Walking Dead HQ

“Good job Sasha!”

For Season 8 I think more important people are going to die. I just have a feeling Rick is going to die soon. I don’t know why but I just have that feeling.

I talked to a couple of my Walking Dead friends because I wanted to get more insight on how they felt about the season finale and what they think is going to go down in Season 8.

What is your insight on the Season 7 finale?

Lisa Mustillo: “S**** hit the fan real quick, it was a completely suspenseful episode. But I think it was the best one so far. I didn’t see the Scavengers turning on Alexandria and I thought that the scenes with Shiva were awesome. The gun fight was epic. And even though it was a tough episode they did throw in a couple comic reliefs efforts. And although it was terrible to see Sasha go she had one of the most epic deaths ever. She had a plan going into it and knew even though she was sacrificing herself she did the right thing for everyone to power on with the future. And Sasha couldn’t get the kind of weapon she needed so she accepted the next best weapon, herself to continue on with the plan of taking down the Saviors.”

The Walking Dead HQ

Deidra Felici: “I really enjoyed it. I thought either Sasha or Rosita was going to die. Sasha went out in her own way. She had the pill at the Saviors home and she could have taken it then. Instead she waited until she knew she could be useful and ended her own life in the coffin. She made herself into the weapon, Eugene wouldn’t give her.”

Amanda: “I thought it was brave and selfless for Sasha to weaponize herself in the end. Although, I was sad to loose her on the show. But without her things would have gone down a whole lot differently for Alexandria. Between that and Shiva… the real star! I was excited to see her finally in action!”

What do you think is to come for Season 8?

The Walking Dead

Lisa Mustillo: “I think season 8 is gonna be an explosion of power fighting for survival and epicness. The war of the Saviors vs everyone is going to be so epic! I am excited to see what is gonna happen and excited to see the perseverance of Rick to keep his promise of killing Negan.”

Deidra Felici: “The fall of Negan after an epic war. If they play by the comics they don’t kill him. They keep him locked up in Alexandria. Dwight tells them a lot and becomes the new leader of the Saviors.”

Amanda: “As for next season, I think it’s going to get quite ugly between these groups. We may lose some battles, but of course our own will ultimately triumph in the war! The good guys have to win! Negan, you’re going down!”

What are your insights on the Season 7 finale and what do you think is to come for Season 8?

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