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Black Sails Preview: 5 People Showing Their True Colors In “XXXIV”

Times of stress bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. This is definitely the case on Nassau. As the war for control rages on, new personality facets are emerging among the British and the pirates alike. Some are for the better, such as increased senses of loyalty, while others are exposing their ruthless sides. In anticipation of episode 406, “XXXIV,” here are 5 characters who are showing their true colors.

  1. Woodes Rogers. He has definitely not changed for the better. His outward appearance of a dutiful Governor and devoted British citizen have been hiding a ruthless nature and penchant for torture. To make matters worse, this isn’t a new thing for him. His meeting with Governor Raja of Cuba brought up the past. Some time ago, Rogers captured Raja’s brother’s ship, and then murdered Raja’s brother without provocation. That’s a pretty good reason for not wanting to join someone’s fight, but Rogers still somehow convinced Raja to send his forces to help the British reclaim Nassau. Rogers has made it very clear that he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and that makes him a dangerous man to watch.
  2. John Silver. He’s not afraid of his legend anymore, and like Rogers, he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to protect who and what he loves. Unlike Rogers, he’s not acting out of bloodlust. He set up his best friend to be ambushed by his own men, and only intervened to stop his murder. Whether it was revenge for Billy’s earlier mutiny, an attempt to bring Billy to heel, or simply a display of power to all of the men, it’s clear that Silver’s days of agonizing over his decisions alone in his room are past him. His exact motives are unclear right now, but his actions are driven by his love and his loyalty. That makes him a very interesting man to watch.
  3. Israel Hand. Flint may have told Silver about Hand, but Flint seems to have left out some of Hand’s more… interesting… personality quirks. Then again, Hand has been in self-imposed exile for quite a while. That kind of isolation can do a number on a person’s head. In any case, Hand has now twice shown a major flaw in his battle strategy. He zeroes in on his intended target, and misses what’s going on around him. That kind of singular focus could spell disaster for him if he’s faced with more than one-on-one combat.
  4. Billy Bones. Billy is a hard one to figure out. On one hand, he led a mutiny against Flint, and is still fighting him every step of the way. On the other hand, Billy’s main role in the Rebellion is to gather information and spread rumors. This begs the question of how much of his behavior is real, and how much is for show as part of a larger plan? Silver used Billy’s own skills against him by convincing his men to rise up against Billy. It’s a fair revenge for what Billy did, but will it have the intended consequences?
  5. Eleanor Rogers. Of all the colorful characters on the island, Eleanor has always been amongst the most unpredictable. She’s stubborn and steadfast in her decisions, right up until the moment she changes her mind. She’s currently allied with the British through her marriage to Governor Rogers, but she’s working with Flint to broker peace between the two sides. How her plans will fit in with her husband’s remains to be seen. And how will she react to discovering exactly who she married, especially since she’s pregnant with his child?

Episode 406, “XXXIV,” premieres Sunday March 5th at 9 pm eastern/ 8 pm central on Starz. Subscribers can also watch full episodes online or on the Starz mobile app. Check back to for episode previews, sneak peeks, and recaps.


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