Fan Fest Picks: 11 Amazing Superhero (and Villain!) Couples

DC Comics

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (literally, tomorrow is coming!) we decided to do a countdown of some of our favorite comic book couples! Some of these pairings have been through thick and thin together, and their love stories are pretty inspirational!


11. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

DC Comics

Straying away from your typical Ivy/Robin and Harley/Joker pairing, Ivy and Harley are more than just a couple; they are the best of friends too!


10. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson


        Best friends since forever can sometimes make for the best couples. Peter has loved Mary Jane his whole life, which makes this pairing absolutely adorable and perfect.

9. Rogue and Gambit


This love may not be some card trick; it is one that certainly works… and we LOVE it!

8. Hawkman and Hawkgirl

DC Comics

These Gods have been through death, reincarnation, and even possessions together. Their love is eternal and certainly inspirational!

7. Daredevil and Elektra


He may be blind when it comes to seeing clearly, but he is certainly not blind when it comes to love.

6. Aquaman and Mera

DC Comics

They say that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but there are no two that love more than this adorable (and royal) pair. He loves this Queen of the Sea with all that he has.

5. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage


Jessica warmed Luke’s rock solid heart, and she will always continue to do so. Without her, his life will never be complete.

4. Jean Grey and Cyclops


X-men of a feather…. or leotard….fly together? Fight together? Whatever the figure of speech is, this is another couple that we absolutely adore!

3. Superman and Lois Lane

DC Comics

Although his family may never approve, we certainly do. In fact, we encourage it! There has always been a great debate between Lois/Superman and Wonder Woman/Superman… but Lois grounds him. Literally and Figuratively…. because he has to come down to the ground to see her and she also keeps the ‘human’ part of him in check.

2. Batman and Catwoman

DC Comics

There has never been a love that is more forbidden; than a hero and a villain. Batman’s soul is incredibly damaged from all the trauma in his life… and Selina is the remedy he needs. This pairing has existed throughout the years, and we can certainly see why!

1. Green Arrow and Black Canary

DC Comics

There has never been a more dynamic love story than this one. Their love seems so real, you almost wish that it existed in real life. This couple faces real world problems (not just super ones) and they really make a girl believe in love again!



Who is your favorite Superhero couple!?

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