‘Beauty and the Beast’ Meets ‘Harry Potter’ in this Epic Mash Up

It’s the mash up that we all were waiting for and that we so desperately wanted!  What happens when Belle from Beauty and the Beast meets Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter?  Well, in the below parody trailer, they fall in love, of course!

PistolShrimps, a sketch comedy duo known for movie parodies and other viral videos,  are the masterminds behind this movie mash up and it is simply brilliant.

The YouTube description reads:

Who could ever learn to love a real beast like Voldemort? A mashup of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Harry Potter’, with Voldemort as the beast, and Belle is a witch. Gaston is, of course, a brave and proud Gryffindor.

This clip makes our hearts sing and cringe at the same time to see Belle gallivanting with he who must not be named!  Check out the awesomeness below.  What do you think of Beauty and Lord Voldemort?

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