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Jenna Fischer’s Epic Homage to ‘The Office’

the odyssey

Ok so who didn’t love Pam from The Office?  She is part of the best couple in TV history! Seriously show me a couple that rivals Pam and Jim, I dare you!

The only better than Pam Halpert is Jenna Fischer, who played Pam.

Jenna recently found herself outside a Chili’s restaurant and had the perfect response: Should I try to go in?

Fans of the show were quick to point out that she can’t. She’s banned.

And we even learned a fun fact. This guy in the photo^^^, the one who played the GM, he was actually the GM of the Chili’s that was used for filming the imfamous Dundies episode.

Even the restaurant Tweeted back at her- How cool is that?

The Office was already a fantastic show and it gets even better when the actors keep it alive. I’m going to go binge the entire series now.

And for even more good news, Chili’s has lifted the ban on Pam!



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