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The Many Faces of Winona Ryder at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Even if you didn’t watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night, chances are you’ve probably heard about the cast of Netflix’s Stranger Things winning the outstanding performance by an ensemble cast category.  Series star David Harbour gave a powerful acceptance speech on behalf of the cast however, the real star of the moment most certainly was Winona Ryder.

In true “outstanding ensemble” fashion, the entire cast took to the stage to accept the award.  As Harbour began to speak, Ryder went through every possible emotion with epically dramatic facial expressions and reactions.

Without further adieu, we present to you, The Many Faces of Winona Ryder:

We call this the “Whoa, what? Is that on the page?” face:



This master piece is the “Huh? Yes.” face:



This is Winona’s “Ooooh, yup, right on, maybe!” face:



This is her “I know who I would punch in the face!” face:



This is her “THANK YOU!” face:



And, finally, her “Yay!  I’m so excited we won!  Let’s go celebrate!” face:



Or, maybe Winona just was just dreaming of pizza….

We love Winona Ryder and the entire cast of Stranger Things!  Congratulations, again, on the big win and we can’t wait to return to the upside down for season 2!

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