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‘Outsiders’ Season 2 Episode 2 Preview – “Shadowside”

Photo: WGN America

Warning!  SPOILERS AHEAD!  Do not climb any further up this mountain if you are not caught up with season 2 of WGN’s Outsiders!

After last week’s explosive season 2 premiere of WGN’s Outsiders, we were certainly left with more questions than anything else.

G’Win (Gillian Alexy) has officially taken the oath to be Bren’in and has already made some executive decisions which are not sitting well with the family.  Could tensions within the family be too much to handle, possibly causing an inter-Farrell war?

Sally Ann (Christina Jackson) has made it clear that she does not want to see Hasil (Kyle Gallner) again.  And Hasil has proclaimed his loyalty to G’Win and his family up on Shay Mountain.  Is this really the end for our Romeo and Juliet like star-crossed lovers?

Li’l Foster (Ryan Hurst) currently has a new temporary residence in jail and, in all honesty, after what happened to Ryan Hurst’s past characters in jail situations, I am really nervous here (Right, SOA fans?).  Will Li’l Foster get out of prison alive and, what will be his reaction when he finally finds out the fate of his father, Big Foster?

Asa (Joe Anderson) has deflected to the town and has completely denounced the Farrell Family.  As a result, the mystical/magical wolves have taken things into their own hands (or mouths).  Did the wolves really kill Asa?  And, seriously, what’s up with these wolves!?

Finally, Big Foster (David Morse) is alive but he seems far from well.  Living in a potential house of horrors, it kind of seems like he’s about to be a part of a Misery 2 type situation.  How will he get out of this one alive?

In this week’s episode, the arrival of a new group on Shay Mountain could spell trouble for the Farrells.  WGN America has released the synopsis below:

“Big Foster wakes up in a house of horrors run by a hillbilly woman who wants him as her caged pet, as he fights like hell to break free. Lil Foster is investigated by state police, and Houghton blames himself for what’s to come. Meanwhile, an all-female clan called the Kinnah arrive on Shay Mountain, and not everyone is as welcoming as G’Win.”

Also, you can check out a special sneak peek and previews below.  Outsiders airs Tuesdays at 9pm on WGN America.



Source: Crave Online

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