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Recap of ‘Lucifer: Love Handles’

Chloe and Lucifer investigate a rash of poisonings at the local college. Lucifer questions the validity of Chloe’s sudden change of heart regarding their relationship.

Following on the heels of the last episode, Lucifer’s left to puzzle out the meaning behind the kiss. Afraid that Chloe’s feelings are the result of some outside influence, Lucifer tries to get to the bottom of the unusual behavior that Chloe’s displaying.

Fearing his mother might have something to do with it, Lucifer goes to question the woman. Mama Morningstar urges her son to follow his heart to find answers. Lucifer does – and eventually realizes the feelings Chloe has for him seem very real, indeed.

Ecstatic with his discovery, Lucifer returns to meet up with his mother – who’s joined by Maze.  Mama Morningstar tells her son she has something very serious to tell him, but Maze is not on board. Lucifer smiles and says he feels invincible and nothing can get him down. Maze and Mama Morningstar argue. Lucifer notices a picture of Amenadiel on the wall. Amenadiel and…. Chloe’s Mom?

Mama Morningstar tells Lucifer about the circumstances that placed Chloe in his life.  Lucifer’s hesitant at first to believe. Given a bit of time he realizes the truth behind his mother’s statement. He rushes to confront Chloe only to find that she’s been poisoned by the same person who they’ve been investigating. She needs an antidote – and fast.

What an episode! While the story into the investigation didn’t really interest me all that much, seeing Chloe and Lucifer getting along so well was a treat. While we all knew there would be a wrench thrown in the works, it was nice while it lasted.

Mama Morningstar wasted no time sharing her info with her son. God placed Chloe in Lucifer’s path.  What will that mean for the group?  How will she figure into Mama Morningstar’s plan to get back into Heaven?  Will we get some information soon?

Parting thoughts:

  • Who’s really behind the poisoning? How did Chloe get dosed? Did the poison have something to do with her newfound appreciation for a certain Lord of Hell or does she really feel for him?
  • “Counselor.” “Detective.” “Douche.” “Dick.”
  • The scene with Dr. Scott mangling her hand was pretty intense.
  • The scene with Mama Morningstar and Dr. Martin – “Now I see the resemblance”
  • “Bear officially poked.”
  • Granny panties Decker.

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