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‘Teen Wolf’ Preview ‘Memory Found’

Image: MTV

Teen Wolf Preview ‘Memory Found’


Beacon Hills has been cleaned out. The only ones who remain are Scott, Malia, Lydia, Liam, and Noah. Oh, and Theo. They believe that they will be able to save Stiles if they can remember him. Last episode, Noah was able to open a rift for just a moment when he regained all of his memories of Stiles. Team Wolf is out to do the same, but the Hunt isn’t going to make it easy. Liam and Theo are going to stand up to them, probably in order to give the others the time they need to open a rift.

The final scene of the episode preview is a bright white light and somebody walking toward the trio. Could this be Stiles? Will their plan work? Or was it Douglas, who made it through a rift last week with Parrish?

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