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Mahershala Ali Says Game Of Thrones Audition Was The Worst In His Life

Mahershala Ali is making quite a name for himself after receiving praise for his roles in House Of Cards, Marvel’s Luke Cage, and Moonlight.  But like every other actor, there are times when auditions don’t go so well.

For the second season of Game Of Thrones, Ali was up for the role of Xaro Xhoan Daxos which ultimately went to Nonso Anozie. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he talked about how this audition was the worst in his life.

“I was really prepared this time around,” said Ali. “Totally off book, had all of my lines memorized and had this whole thing worked out with this chair. I was working and doing power moves and stances and had my stuff all worked out. And then I go in audition, and I walk in there to the HBO offices and there are these two stools this high in the air with no back behind them. So, I’m kind of sitting there feet halfway off the ground, a little bit stiff during the audition.”

The casting director told him to loosen up, but  the lack of backing on the chair was the reason he was stiff.

“Now you know, you got to bring a chair with you next time,” Jimmy Kimmel said.

Despite not getting the role On Game Of Thrones, Ali has become a break out star with numerous award nominations for his work in Moonlight, House Of Cards, and Hidden Figures.

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