12 Days of TWD: 1 massive thank you to the best cast in the world

When you think of an all-star television or film cast, a few key components come together to create the ideal group of people. There has to be talent and compassion, humor and conviction, knowledge and the desire to learn, and perhaps more important than that, there has to be a sense of togetherness.

When the members of the cast of The Walking Dead were put together, magic was created and pop-culture was forever changed. TWD evolved from a television series to a sub-culture and the ride has been anything but ordinary.

In terms of ordinary, season 7 shook up the meaning of the word and changed the current and future path for every single character we’ve grown to love. It was only in the last moments of the mid-season finale that we saw a bit of normalcy, in the way that it exists now, come back.

What hasn’t ceased to exist, no matter how hard things got, is the sense of family that is portrayed by the cast, characters, and fans – even when their characters meet untimely demises.

So, to a cast who has become family to one another and to their fans; thank you.

Thank you for the amount of yourselves you give to The Walking Dead, not just the episodes each week, but all that comes along with it. Thanks for the conventions, the fan service, the interaction with people who have come to admire you – from social media to making their wishes come true and everything in between – you frequently go above and beyond to show your gratitude and it’s inspiring.

Thanks for giving us all something to look forward to and for understanding how important TWD is to your fans and making it that important to yourselves too.

Perhaps the biggest thank you is for the way you fearlessly embrace yourselves and encourage your fans to do the same. You stand up for one another when people try to tear you down, you support each other on and off set, and you make sure that your voices are heard when you speak of the need for acceptance, equality, and kindness.

Thank you, as well, for doing your part to make life better whenever you can, you’re not just idols because you’re on a television show, you’re idols for so much more than that.

Merry Christmas, and thanks for giving us so much to be grateful for. We look forward to seeing you all at conventions next year.

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