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A Feature Film starring Felines opening in February

Calling cat lovers everywhere! We’re about to get the greatest news ever!

There’s going to be a cat movie!

That’s right, a documentary about cats is being released by Oscilloscope Laboratories. Kedi is about cats in Istanbul who go about their daily lives in the city. They do have human interaction in the film, but its mostly about the kitties.

After all, kedi means cat in Turkish.

And don’t worry, Sarah Mclachlan won’t be making a cameo. These cats are not abandoned, these cats have roamed the streets for thousands of years and are cared for by the people who live in the communities.

Ceyda Torun, the director, wanted to use the film to make the audience think about our relationship to cats, to nature, to each other.

The film features 7 cats: Psycho, Rat Catcher, Yellow, Gamsiz, Bengü, Deniz, and Duman.  Pawsitively adorable!

“This film is, in many ways, a love letter to those cats and the city, both of which are changing in ways that are unpredictable” said Torun.

Take a look at the trailer below. Meow!

Kedi opens February 10, 2017.

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