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WATCH: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Insult Each Other

While promoting their upcoming film Passengers, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence stopped by BBC Radio 1 for a friendly game of “Playground Insults.” The two are told to stare at each other and come up with their best insults for the other person. All they have to do is make the other one laugh, so the sillier the better. So you can understand why these two are the perfect duo to play this game.

The winner is whoever makes the other one completely lose it or whoever delivers the killer insult.

It started out simple enough.

BBC Radio 1

Jennifer then decided to up the ante by bringing up Pratt’s early days of television success.

BBC Radio 1

Things started to heat up rather quickly with a quick break for a “compliment smack-down” in order to psych the other one out.

BBC Radio 1

The two continue with the insults and Chris gets a few zingers in.

BBC Radio 1

Including reminding Jen of that one time he told her she acted the way that Adele sings…

BBC Radio 1

She shuts him down real quickly.

BBC Radio 1

Watch the whole 5 minute clip below to see who the winner ends up being and be sure to catch Passengers in theaters on December 21st!



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