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Best Gift Ideas for Any DC Comics Fan

Now that we have reached December it is really crunch time to find the perfect gift for all the fan girls and boys in your life. After extensive window shopping I have found some great gifts for DC fans!

Think Geek has got some great sales right now and for the Flarrow lovers they have Green Arrow and Flash paperweights, though I think they would look fantastic on a comic book shelf

Think Geek

DC Comics has had a lot of fun in the designs of their Bombshell characters and while one of the figures is going to run you about 100 dollars at the DC collectables store


You could pick up a great poster for your wall featuring all of the DC favorite ladies for around $10 here.


As someone who is a known lover of Batman I have received a fair amount of Bat related gifts for Christmas in my life. If you are looking to get a Batman gift, but want something different head here to check out an amazing selection of clocks cut out on vinyls.

Vinyl Evolution
Vinyl Evolution

If your tastes are more Super and you’re looking for a shirt that is a little less on the nose than just the symbol of the great house of El take a look here at this great Starry Night inspired Superman shirt


If you and your hero don’t see each other as often as you’d like check out this cute key chair/necklace set to remind your hero they have a great sidekick waiting for them.


There is no better way to feel just a bit more powerful in your day to day activities than adding some Wonder Woman Star Cuffs to an outfit!

Most fan boys and girls would tell you that you could never go wrong adding just one more Funko Pop! figure to their collection. Don’t let them fool you they want more than one! Not only are their options almost unlimited, but they are a fun affordable way to show your love of all the nerdiest things in life!


Playboy or a vigilante this reversible smoking jacket from Think Geek makes it so you never have to choose!

Think Geek
Think Geek

Looking for the perfect gift for the frenemy in your life? Look no further than here.



You can never ever go wrong with a great art print, Brian C. Roll has some fantastic ones available here.

Brian C. Roll Odyssey Art
Brian C. Roll Odyssey Art


The last most fantastic gift you could get a fan of DC comics would be a ticket to Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. Get a chance to talk to the stars of all of your favorite DC TV shows!

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