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Review of ‘Lucifer: Homewrecker’


When the death of a wealthy real estate tycoon leaves Lux closed and Lucifer facing eviction, the Lord of Hell learns a few things about Humanity…and the perks of real friendship. With Lucifer distracted, Mama Morningstar realizes what truly binds her son to the Earth – and sets a plan into motion to destroy what he holds most dear.

What a fantastic episode!  So much happened in such a short span of time.

Lucifer has really been through a lot over the course of the past few weeks.  From his semi-disastrous reveal of his true self to Dr. Martin to his guilt over the death of his brother Uriel, Lucifer’s had more than enough on his plate to keep him occupied.  But now with the murder of his landlord Dean Cooper, Lucifer also has to face the added stress of the possible closure of his nightclub and eviction from the only home he knows and loves.  Given what he’s going through, Lucifer seems to be handling things rather well.

But Chloe can see what losing Lux would mean for her friend.  In addition to solving the murder, Chloe manages to find a way to save the nightclub, an act that genuinely bewilders Lucifer.  Unaccustomed to having favors done for him, he asks Chloe why she did what she did. “Friends help each other out” she replies.

Their relationship has grown so much since the series premiere and it’s done so in a completely natural way. Seeing Lucifer and Chloe dance in Lux – and letting Chloe allow herself to have a bit of fun – was a truly great moment in this episode.  Unfortunately, though, it’s going to be short lived.  Mama Morningstar is going to try to mess all of that up.

Charlotte isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to her desire to return to Silver City, AKA Heaven.  She’s going to do whatever it takes to get back and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt in the process.  Could it be that Amenadiel has started to see through his mother’s act or is he going to stubbornly deny it?  If he is starting to see through it, will he and Maze be able to team up and stop her before she does too much damage?

It looks like next week’s episode is going to be big. Will Lucifer be able to stop his mother in time?  Will he confess his feelings to Chloe?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Parting thoughts:

  • Amenadiel isn’t adjust well to being a fallen angel in LA. When will we get to see him back to full power?
  • “Someone really popped his cork.” – Ella
  • Ella is a Star Trek fan.
  • “Just to be clear… that wasn’t me.” – Lucifer
  • What will Linda do when she realizes she inadvertently put Chloe in harm’s way?
  • “Turn the music back on, this place is dead.” – Chloe
  • Amenadiel’s reaction to seeing his mother hit on Dan.

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