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‘Gotham’: Season 3 Episode 10 ‘Time Bomb’ Pictures Released

After the awesome trailer, that we got on November 15, we now have new 14 stills from the next episode that Fox has released. Take a look!


Last episode left us hanging, with Nygma concluding that the love of his life has been murdered. There is so much that needs to be explained and I have a feeling that episode 10 will be a big one! Somehow Nygma thinks that Butch was to blame and he finds him and Tabitha. It seems that dear Ed will take his darkest self out to torture the truth out of the two.


But what if he will see that it wasn’t them? At least we know that Barbara will be searching for Butch and Tabitha and will probably safe them. If she isn’t too late at least.


What do you think that will happen in the next episode? Tell us on social media!


Gotham episode 10 ‘Time Bomb’, of season 3 will air on November 21 on Fox. Don’t miss out, it’s going to be a big one!



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