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Review of ‘Lucifer: Trip to Stabby Town’

When Lucifer realizes Azrael’s Blade is being used in a string of human murders, he sets out to retrieve the weapon. Afraid that the blade might have an influence on Chloe, he enlists Ella’s help in the investigation – which leaves Chloe a bit jealous.

This episode was a departure from our usual fare. Partnering Ella and Lucifer gave the series a bit of a different dynamic, but ultimately it wasn’t as interesting as it could have been – and it stems from the fact that the character of Ella really hasn’t been fleshed out all that well. Right now she seems a bit of a carbon copy of a character from any of the police procedurals currently on the air.  What sets her apart?  Who is Ella, really? It would be great to get some back story on her character and would help the audience connect with her. It’s surprising that the writing team hasn’t done this by now. After all, this is a series that excels at creating partnerships you’d never imagine would work together.

Speaking of unimaginable partnerships, it was nice to see Maze and Amenadiel team up to hunt for the blade. Their chemistry is undeniable. With Mama Morningstar working her hoodoo on Amenadiel, could Maze be the one who can finally get through to him when the time comes?

What’s Mama Morningstar’s ultimate end game?  Though she claims it’s all an act to gain her husband’s attention it’s much more than that.  She wanted Lucifer to have that blade.  She wanted Amenadiel to turn against his father.  Could she be plotting to take over Heaven?  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Parting Thoughts:

  • “God you’re a nasty little nerd, aren’t you?’
  • Martin’s having difficulty focusing in her sessions with Lucifer. Who can blame her for being curious, though.
  • Saved by the Douche.
  • Full Yoga Massacre 2016
  • The Angel of Death is a chick?
  • Maze likes Pop Tarts.
  • You’re really going to smite me over a tub of sweetened goo?
  • Dan’s able to resist the effects of the blade. Will this be significant later?
  • Ella’s favor is to get Lucifer to go to church.
  • Lucifer says Hell wasn’t home and Heaven was hell. The only place he’s been respected is on Earth with humans.
  • What is the significance of the glowing/sparking blade?
  • “When my dear husband closes a door he opens a window? The window just opened.”

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