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‘The Flash’ Behind the Scenes Video Offers Glimpse of Killer Frost and Vibe

The Flash Behind the Scenes Video Offers Glimpse of Killer Frost and Vibe


Image: The CW
Image: The CW
Image: The CW
Image: The CW

In a behind the scenes video, costume designer Maya Mani talks about some of the iconic costumes from The Flash. I have always thought that the deisgn for all of the Arrowverse costumes were incredibly awesome and to hear the designer talk about some of the detail work just makes them more special. Mani touches on the costumes for Flash, Kid Flash, Rival, Top, and Mirror Master. But, at the very end, we get a quick look at what’s to come this season, with a close up look at two costumes in particular. Killer Frost and Vibe are on the horizon, and Mani hints at even more heroes and villains coming.

Both Killer Frost and Vibe’s costumes are visible throughout the entire video, but are not acknowledge by Mani. Vibe’s suit retains the signature black, red, and gold from the comics. In season two, we saw Earth-2 Killer Frost who wore a black corset and tight leather pants. Earth-Prime Killer Frost will wear a blue and silver coat. If you’ll notice, Vibe is hanging on the same rack as Flash and Kid Flash, while Killer Frost is on the further rack with Rival, Mirror Master, and Top. Could the costumes be separated by hero and villain? Is Caitlin going to turn evil like her Earth-2 counterpart? I think we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for the verdict, but we may have the answer in two weeks during episode 7 titled ‘Killer Frost.’ Vibe is probably going to be the one we have to wait even longer for. Regardless, I am really excited for these two characters to suit up.

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