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Fan Fest EXCLUSIVE: Michael Emerson Discusses the Possibility of a ‘Person of Interest’ Spin-Off

Michael Emerson

With Walker Stalker Con Atlanta taking place a little over a week ago, we had the chance to chat with Michael Emerson about a few of the unanswered questions we had from Person of Interest finale. We specifically wanted to know if he thought there was a chance that the series could return as a spin-off, similar to what fans have seen with CSI and Law and Order.

Emma: Is there anything you could tease as far as a spin-off or reboot of Person of Interest? Could there be something there?

Michael: That strikes me as something more likely to happen [than a Lost reboot]. Partly because of the way they ended it. They introduced us, and it shouldn’t have been surprising, to other teams that were doing the same thing in other cities. And you go, “Oh, duh, of course.”

The machine is so vast it can juggle hundreds, thousands of teams of avengers. So maybe that is a place to go. Maybe they’ll find a new trio or a new quartet under different circumstances, and maybe it will even have the occasional guest spot from someone from the original series. That would be fun.

Emma: So more possible than a Lost reboot or spin-off?

Michael: I mean if you accept the fact that they could never put together that same cast again. I think that would never happen. But, maybe Damon [Lindelof] or Carlton [Cuse] might get some great idea.

My guess is that it would not be an extension in any way of what Lost already did, but maybe as a springboard to something else – some kind of spin-off. If those guys are in-charge, it would be quite conceptual, and it might be really smart and fun. Certainly they have a fan base forever that would be curious to see what they came up with.

I don’t think they’ll ever be a featured film, but I mean, never say never. Stranger things have happened.


Would you love to see more Person of Interest? A spin-off of Lost? Let us know your thoughts in our comment section below!

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