Celebrities Take to Social Media to Encourage Voting in the Presidential Election

Photo: Facebook/Katrina Law

This has been quite an interesting Presidential race to say the least however, finally, Election Day is upon us.  You’ve heard the candidates debate the issues.  You’ve seen the ad campaigns on TV and in print.  Maybe, you’ve even debated with your friends over the hot topic issues.  But now, it’s time to make a choice and celebrities across the internet are getting in on the action and encouraging their fans to vote.

Not sure where your polling location is?  Check out the below tweet from Mark Ruffalo with a handy-dandy website to help you navigate to the ballot boxes.

Laurie Holden’s creative use of her bitmoji avatar encourages her fans to vote by adding the caption, “Our entire future depends on it…”

Katrina Law joins her cast mates from the new TV drama Training Day in this absolutely adorable photo reminding folks to get out and vote.

Many other celebs also took to social media simply to encourage fans to get out and make their voices heard.  Regardless of who you vote for and which side of the political spectrum you reside, that’s the most important thing that you can do now.

Check out the tweets below from various celebs urging fans to vote and make sure you get out and vote today!


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