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Recap of ‘Lucifer: Monster’

LUCIFER: Tom Ellis in the ÒMonsterÓ episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Oct. 31 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Bettina Strauss/FOX.

While Chloe investigates a case involving a sniper, Lucifer deals with emotional fallout over Uriel’s death. Amenadiel makes a decision that may have long-lasting effects.  Maze and Trixie go Trick or Treating.

This episode showed us a side of Lucifer that we’ve only briefly seen before, his vulnerable side. Lucifer is struggling with his brother’s death and no wonder! Not only did he kill his brother, but as we found out, he obliterated his brother’s soul. Azrael’s Blade is an evil weapon.

Amenadiel’s not dealing well, either. Mourning his brother, Amenadiel hardens his heart, blaming his father for Uriel’s death, turning away from God. How will that affect him in the long run?  And how did Mama Morningstar know that Amenadiel was losing his powers?  Could her new abilities have anything to do with that?

Ultimately Lucifer realizes that he’s been seeking to punish himself for his brother’s death. With no one else he feels he can talk to, Lucifer decides to really open up to Dr. Martin. But did revealing his true face shock her too much?  Will she be able to deal or will she turn away?

Parting thoughts:

  • I’m glad Lucifer visited with Dr. Martin. I’ve missed seeing her character on the screen.
  • It was nice to get some explanation about Azrael’s Blade. Now we realize the true extent of Lucifer’s reaction at the end of last week’s episode.
  • Chloe and Maze are having some interesting issues learning how to live with one another. Maze has a soft spot for Trixie, though, so maybe this will work out for all of the ladies.
  • I loved Maze and Trixie’s Trick or Treat adventure. President of Mars (duh!)
  • Loved the special effects when Maze and Lucifer both showed their demonic faces. Kudos to the special effects team.
  • FOX announced 10/31/16 an order for a full second season for Lucifer – a total of 22 episodes.  That’s excellent news!!


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