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Donald Glover cast as young Lando Calrissian for Han Solo movie

Many have speculated whether Lando Calrissian, the coolest man in the Star Wars galaxy, will appear in the forthcoming Han Solo movie (with Han Solo being played by Alden Ehrenreich (Hail Caesar!)). Now we know that not only will young Lando Calrissian will be in the Han Solo movie, but that Donald Glover (CommunityAtlanta) has been cast for the role. As reported on, directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller said “‘We’re so lucky to have an artist as talented as Donald join us,’ said Lord and Miller. ‘These are big shoes to fill, and an even bigger cape, and this one fits him perfectly, which will save us money on alterations. Also, we’d like to publicly apologize to Donald for ruining Comic-Con for him forever.'”

The untitled Han Solo movie will arrive at docking bay 94 sometime in 2018.

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