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‘How I Met Your Mother’ May have a Reunion Soon

Kids have I ever told you about that one time Marshall went to the Austin Film Festival? No?

Well this past weekend, Jason Segel revealed in an interview at the Austin Film Festival that he’d be game for a reunion.

I’d be around for whatever those guys wanted to do,” he said to THR. “It changed my life.”

And it sure changed ours. Here are just a few of the greatest moments in the HIMYM history.


Segel also touched on where the HIMYM story would be since we last saw Ted in 2030. He says he doesn’t know.

“I would leave that to the writers,” he said. “One of the great things about my relationship to that show is I never got involved in the writing, I just tried to execute what these brilliant writers did, so I would leave that to them, as usual.”

Would you be game for a HIMYM reunion?

Source: THR

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