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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Magenta’

Image: The CW

The Flash Preview ‘Magenta’


Harry and Jesse are back! And Jesse is a speedster! Last season, she and Wally were struck by the Speed Force shock wave when the team was trying to get Barry his power back, but didn’t ever show any signs of having gotten speed. Is her power a result of Barry changing time? Harry and Jesse returned to Earth-2 at the end of season two, and I was really hoping that they would come back because they are a fun addition to the show.

This week, Team Flash faces off against Magenta, who appears to have super strength. It isn’t super strength though. Instead, she can control metal. We see her flinging around cars and a boat in the preview. Barry is going to need Jesse’s help in order to stop the metahuman. Maybe this will mean Jesse will stick around and get a suit. That would be awesome.

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