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‘Gotham’: Episode 5 ‘Anyhting for You’ Pictures Revealed

Gotham fans that keep tabs on the show and to the new stuff that gets released after, know that there is a pattern. After a trailer they release with a synopsis, later in the week it always follows with official pictures of the next episode! Take a look below:


It seems that Oswald Cobblepot is posing for a picture and it seems he’s doing charity work to show the good people of Gotham he really means it. But nothing will last Penguin, I feel a storm brewing for him!


And remember the synopsis we got for the episode?

Crime in Gotham is at an all-time high, as Penguin struggles to uphold his promises to the city. Meanwhile, Butch goes down a dark path with the infamous Red Hood Gang and Bruce begins to investigate Ivy’s whereabouts.


I think that picture of Bruce Wayne is when he starts his adventure to find Ivy. Will he find her? We haven’t seen her for a while. We’re very curious at how the show will develop!


Gotham’s Mad City: Anything for you episode will air on Monday October 17, on Fox!



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