‘Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown is a HUGE ‘Walking Dead’ Fan

Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbour, two stars of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things spoke on a panel this weekend during New York Comic Con, but the Upside Down was not the only world they talked about.

The show is filmed in Atlanta, where many other movies and series are also filmed, including The Walking Dead. The moderator of the panel asked if they ever run into the cast of the beloved zombie drama.


Millie’s response was enthusiastic-to say the least. She gasped and said. “I would have died.”

She told the audience that she actually visited the set a few years ago. “I went to the set of Alexandria, I had my pink wig on because I couldn’t show that I shaved my head. Everybody thought I was a freak. I saw everything from The Walking Dead. I was like I’ll have that. I’ll have that stone that was on the show. (Laughs) I’m a really big fan. If anybody wants to bring me to the set of The Walking Dead, I’m okay with it.”

The moderator laughed and replied, “I’m sure you would have many takers.”

That she would!

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