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‘Suicide Squad’: Extended Cut Trailer Released & Blu-Ray Cover Revealed

You read that right people, Suicide Squad has released a small trailer for the extended cut! In the trailer we already see some things we didn’t see in the movie. Check it out below:


Not only is this the only news that we got for this amazing movie, the Squad is invading our homes pretty soon!


The Tweet that the official movie Twitter posted is the official cover for the Blu-Ray that will be released on December 5. If you don’t want to wait that long, it will get released on Digital Download as fast as November 28.


Collider also said that the extended cut will have 13 minutes of new footage in the movie. Isn’t that amazing? We are very excited to see what these 13 minutes will bring us, as it’s very unclear at what we’ll see in it.


Is everyone excited? We know that we are! You can start pre-ordering it on Amazon now!

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