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‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: Look Into My Eyes”

This has been the episode I have been waiting for.  Ever since we had the announcement that the Hatter would be appearing.  Hatter has been one of my favorite Batman villains and also my favorite ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ characters.  Of course he’s a very different character in both, but amazing either way.  Last week we ended with Ivy becoming this sexy woman, Lee returning to Gotham, and the Bruce look alike appearing at the Wayne Manor.

This week we open up at Barbra’s bar with people on stage making animal noises.  This is our first sighting of the Mad Hatter, I mean Jervis Tetch.  He picks a man out of a crowded and tells him to listen to the ticking of his pocket watch and how it synchronizes with his heart beat.  “Look into my eyes.  Not above them, not around them, but deep into their center,” he tells the man.   Jervis tells the man to stand on the back of the chair giving the audience a jolt of fear as he then tells him to stand on one foot.  As he has the man jump down, he tells his a poem, “Lock sense away, let loose the rascal. When I say it is so, your home is my castle.”  He then wakes the man and heads to talk to Barbra. Barbra asks him if he can make anyone do anything.  He tells her that it is only things they secretly wish to do.  Tabitha asks if he has a place to stay, as he looks behind her to see the man he had hypnotized leaving with his wife.  He replies, “not yet, but something always turns up.”

Back at Wayne Manor, we see the Bruce look alike eating soup while Alfred and Bruce stare at him.  Bruce asks the look alike his name.  “5…514A, they call me 5.” Alfred and Bruce find out that he woke up in a lab but does not remember anything.  He tells them that he had to meet Bruce when he saw him on the rooftop with Selina.  Bruce allows him to stay, but Alfred objects. While Bruce and Alfred are talking, 5 gets burned by a candle as he is reaching for a dinner roll, but it does not affect him. Why?

After their little nightcap, Valerie leaves Jim’s place.  He asks to take her to breakfast, but she declines.  Jim tells Valerie that he can stop on his way home from collecting his money at GCPD to make things look a bit nicer.  She wishes him luck with that one.  Seems like he would be okay with taking things to the next step, where she wants nothing to do with him.  She kisses him on the way out and says “that was fun, see you around”

At the GCPD, Captain is talking to Lee about her returning back and how thrilled he is.  He assures her that Jim is no longer associated with the GCPD as he walks in.  Harvey tries to distract Jim before he can see Lee.  Lee sees Jim and calls his name to say hello.  She lets him know that she is returning to Gotham with her fiancee who is a doctor, and that she has her old job back.  You can see the sadness in Jim’s eyes, but he holds it together as he tells her “it was good to see you Lee.”

A phone rings at the hypnotized mans house.  He answers and hears “Lock sense away, let loose the rascal. When I say it is so, your home is my castle.  Go to the door.”  Jervis is at the door holding his watch, which has begone to synchronize with the mans heart.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


A comic book like scene appears with the Mad Hatter voice being heard.  This is more of a preview for what is to come, but I thought it was awesome.

The mans wife realizes he is no longer in bed and heads to find where he has gone to.  When she goes downstairs she sees Jervis standing there.  She asks who he is, he replies with another poem, “I know what scares you the most.  I haunt your dreams like a ghost. So you RUN, RUN, as fast as you can.  There’s no escape from the magic man.”  She bumps into her husband who wacks her over the head killing her.  Jervis has the man follow the steps to wrap her up, bury her in the garden, and then kill himself.  As Jervis sits by the fire, he pulls out a picture of his sister Alice.

To Alice’s we go.  Her landlord is banging on her door wanting the money for the rent she is late on.  She is late because she lost her job.  He continues to yell at her but then thinks maybe he could get a little something out of her.  She tries to warn him and then slaps him.  He slaps her right back and tries to choke her.  While choking her, he starts to look like he is poisoned or dying.

The mayor is holding a press conference saying he is going to resume office until they can find someone else to run against.  In comes Penguin making sure everyone realizes he is a crook and a liar.  Making the people of Gotham cheer for him.  Penguin goes up on stage to announce he is running in the election.  The crowed cheers “Cobblepot, Cobblepot.”  He would sure have my vote.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX



Alfred and Bruce are practicing fighting.  Something to keep his mind busy and away from trying to find out his parents killer.  Better than dancing I guess.  5 enters in and Bruce asks him if he wants to try.  He looks clueless as to what to do.  Out of nowhere, he swings at Alfred and hits him.  He didn’t realize he knew how to fight.  Alfred punches him in the nose.  5 doesn’t even realize that he was hit.  Alfred gives him a towel to hold to his nose.  Bruce notices a scar on the back of 5’s neck.  They begin to question what happened to him.

Jervis appears at Jim’s asking him if he could help find his sister.  He tells Jim that he took his sister to Strange to get her help.  After he found out about the break out, he was hoping that he could find her.  Jim tells him that GCPD is paying 5 grand, Jervis tells him he will double it.  Jim accepts the offer and takes the picture of Alice and his business card.

Penguin now has a group of people putting together his campaign.  Butch kind of questions why Oswald is even doing this.  After explaining why, Butch lets him know that he has his vote.  Mayor James calls saying he wants to meet.  Oswald smiles and seems thrilled.

Looking at some of the family pictures, 5 asks Bruce what he is looking for.  Bruce quick hides him as Selina comes through the window.  Bruce sounds cold-hearted when Selina tells him that Ivy is missing.   Selina is very upset by this and wants Bruce to come along with her to find Ivy.  He declines her invitation.  For this, he gets called a self son of a bitch.  After she leaves, he says I’m sorry.  With 5 looking in on them, he practices saying “I’m sorry” to get the right tone down.  Makes me question what he is up to.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX



After Selina leaves the Wayne Manor, Jim finds her and asks her for her help in finding someone.  He tells her that he will pay her, but she doesn’t want that.  She wants Jim to help with finding Ivy.  He shows her the picture of Alice.  She tells him that she was from Indian Hill, saw her leave with Mooney, and last saw her at a bar.  Jim thanks her and takes the lead.  He heads to the bar, as the bar owner walks in.  He informs Jim that the place has burned down.  Jim asks where Alice is and the bar owner thinks it is some kind of joke.  She cut herself while working, and when he told her to go clean it up, she told him “You don’t understand, my blood on the counter.”  Next thing you know, the place goes up in flames.  As Jim goes to leave, the bar owner and his men decide to teach Jim some manors.  Jim takes them all down no problem.  He notices that he is bleeding from when he got hit on the back of the head.

At the ER the doctor taking care of him is Lee’s fiancee we soon find out. Mario assures Jim that he loves Lee very much and will take care of her.  Jim wishes them both the best, but does let him know that if he works harder, he will have to hunt him down and kill him.  He then asks Mario about Alice and where to find her.

“A public place, smart,” Penguin says as he joins Mayor James for dinner.  Mayor assures him that with a whole team of legal people behind him, Penguin has no change in winning.  When Penguin gets called psychotic, that is when he stands up and the Mayors protection jumps into action.  Penguin already knew what he what he was planning.  He snaps his fingers and everyone else in the restaurant jumps up and holds their guns at the Mayors people.  Oswald assures him that he does not want him dead.  What fun would that be?

Jim heads to Alice’s apartments when he hears pounding on the closet door.  He opens in to have the landlord jump out and attack him.  Alice comes in and shoots her landlord.  She pours lighter fluid on the him and asks why Jim is there.  He tells her that her brother is looking for her.  As she sparks the lighter she says “he can’t find me,” setting the man on fire, and running out the door.

Standing at the edge of Bruce’s bed, 5 looks at him with scissors in his hand.  I at first thought he was thinking about stabbing him, turns out that he was looking at him so he could cut his hair like Bruce.  Okay, so what is going on? This kid has a plan and I already don’t like it.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX

Alfred and Bruce find 5 gone with some of Bruce’s clothing and the keys to the car are gone.  Bruce is looking at the scissors and hair on the floor.  “We have to find him,” he says

Penguin heads over to Arkham to get a colleague of his released.  He promises to have the psychiatrist in a better position if he can do this for him.  If not, he makes sure that he is kept at Arkham.

Jervis hypnotizes Barbra to be madly in love with him.  While she is hypnotized, he tells her that he can’t feel the same.  She breaks a glass and proceeds to try and cut him with it.  He wakes her up and Tabitha comes to get her off stage.  Jim walks into the club and tells Jervis he has found Alice, but that she wants nothing to do with him.  Jervis takes Jim to the roof top of the club.  Jim questions him about Alice and what is going on with her blood.  Hypnotizing Jim, he tells him to put his gun on the ground.  He then tells Jim to walk to the edge and climb the wall, close his eyes, and sleep forever.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


1…..2…..3…..4….5….STOP! Alice stops him while Jervis is so excited to see her.  She doesn’t want him around because he is evil.  She threatens to kill him.  Alice fires her gun breaking his trance with Jim.  Jim wakes and slips off the edge.  He grabs the wall as Alice helps him back up.  He cuffs her after saying “thank you.”

Outside of Arkham, Edward is being released.  He doesn’t understand why.  The psychiatrist tells him that he is 100% sane.  Pengun’s car pulls up to take him with.  “Hello, old friend,” Oswald says to him.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX

While at dinner, Lee and Mario are talking about Jim.  He confronts her about it.  Falcon enters dinner.  He is Mario’s father.  He tells Lee that she is a little too beautiful and will get her in trouble.  Falcone is referring to Jim when he mentions this.  She assures him that they have both moved on.

Where Selina hangs out, a car pulls up and 5 gets out.  Selina at believes he is Bruce, but realizes something is weird.  He offers to take her for a ride and she accepts getting in the car.  With an evil look on 5’s face we end the episode.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


What exactly is 5 up to? Where has Ivy been this episode?  Will we be seeing more of Alice and Jervis?  It is getting to intense.  What are your thoughts?

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