13 Cool tricks for your ‘Apple’ Earbuds!

With only three buttons a €”volume up, volume down, and a center button… €”you may think all these earbuds can do is adjust volume. At least, that is all I ever thought I could do! However, there are actually many other hidden features that the average user may not realize, and they can really transform your listening experience.



1. Take Photos
You can take a photo by pressing the volume up button on your headphone controls with the camera app open. (This only works in the default camera app, however, not in other photo apps such as Instagram or Snapchat).

2. Activate Siri
If Siri is enabled on your iPhone, you can press and hold the center button to activate it.

3. Answer Calls
To answer a call with your headphones, simply press the center button once.

4. Hang Up
To end a call with your headphones, press the center button once.

If you’re talking on the phone and have another call coming in, you can answer it by pressing the center button once to switch over without hanging up.

7. End the Call
To end one call and return to your other one, simply hold the center button for two seconds.

8. Fast Forward Through Songs
To fast forward through a song, press the center button twice and hold the second tap, then just release the button once you’ve gotten to the spot you wanted.

9. Rewind Songs
You can do the same thing to rewind, except this time press the center button three times, holding the third tap.

10. Skip Songs
To skip a song, press the center button twice.

11. Go to Previous Song
To skip back to a previous song, press the center button three times.

12. Play a Song
To play a song, simply press the center button once.

13. Pause a Song
To pause a song, press the center button once.
Happy Listening!! 😀

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