Niall Horan of ‘One Direction’ Releases First Solo Song ‘This Town’

Today’s the day. We finally get some music from one of the ‘One Direction’ boys solo careers aside from Zayn (amazing album). While everyone’s been expecting a Harry Styles song we were caught off guard by Niall who just released his first song ‘This Town’ and it’s amazing. The lyrics, his voice and everything come together to just create a masterpiece of a song. This may put some dents into One Direction coming back but I’m still hopeful they will. Harry and Liam also signed solo deals and will soon release new music.

One Direction has done so much for many of us, and seeing them create new things and care about us the way they do is truly incredible. Listen to Niall’s song ‘This Town’ below and hopefully we’ll be seeing him on tour soon!




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