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‘Gotham’: Episode 3 ‘Look Into My Eyes’ Pictures Released 

We’ve got another look for the third episode for you and it looks awesome. Not only did we get a trailer of this episode, we also have some new pictures to show you that Fox has released! Take a look in the gallery below:

We can’t really say anything about the pictures. Except maybe for the Bruce Wayne picture. He looks different from the other pictures we’ve seen of him. Will this be the doppelganger all cleaned up? We saw him last in Bruce Wayne’s home, showing himself to Alfred and Bruce. Well, the real Bruce.

We are so excited to finally see Benedict Samuel as the Mad Hatter, the trailer alone won’t just do! We need an episode, especially this episode. You know why? Because we need to know how he’ll be introduced in this mad city.

Gotham’s episode 3 ‘Look Into My Eyes‘ will air coming Monday on Fox!



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