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The much anticipated new HBO show Westworld just took their promotion up a notch.

Introducing, the official booking site for a vacation without limits.  Unfortunately, there are no vacancies at Westworld currently.  While you’re waiting for an opening to visit Delos Destinations you can register for updates and take a quick assessment.  It asks you some basic questions like, “if you had to lose a finger, which would you cut off”, it’s all pretty straightforward – obviously the pinky.


Before you can complete your registration or the assessment you have to agree to the Terms of Delos Destinations which releases them of any liability.  One part does discuss the possibility of death, examples of death that have happened in Westworld include self-cannibalism, buffalo stampede, just your everyday manslaughter and of course, tumbleweeds.

There’s a special glitch with the website that I’ll leave to you to experience.  Words can not do the surprise justice.  When you reach the website press your shift key and try not to freak out.



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