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Sia pays tribute to Orlando in Song

Sia is no stranger to dropping surprise singles and this time it’s a song with a purpose.

And like true Sia fashion, the video stars Maddie Ziegler and her dancing. Ziegler dances with 49 other dancers that match the number of lives taken from Orlando during the nightclub shooting in June. Ziegler wears a black wig and cries rainbow tears.

The video opens with the phrase #WeAreYourChildren and the piece is truly moving. The cast thought so as well. Matt Moseley, a dancer in the video, took to Instagram with this message “Humbled to be a part of this video. Thank you @siathisisacting. 49 beautiful lives lost. This is for you. 🌈 #WeAreYourChildren.”

The new single is titled “The Greatest” and features Kendrick Lamar.  Watch it below!


What did you think of Sia’s tribute?

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