If you don’t know about, Wanderer, you’re going to want to!

Image: Wanderer

Wanderer is a brand new indie/pop project based out of Arizona. Adam Simons is the solo artist in Wanderer and he is awesomely talented! He plays guitar and of course sings!

“Wanderer embodies elements of indie rock, 80s music, and r&b into the melodic catchiness of pop music.” ~Wanderer~

Image: Wanderer
Image: Wanderer

Wanderer debuted this past March and he has already released 2 amazing singles. Wanderer already has seen over 150 thousand plays just this summer on Spotify!!! Wanderer also received national recognition from the press and alternative radio.

Wanderer is set to be debuting his very first EP this fall and also has some shows on the way!

One of Wanderer’s new single called Driving, was just released on Monday!

“The new video for Driving is a visual piece that captures the vibe of youth, summer, and driving late at night.” ~Wanderer~

Check out his brand new music video for Driving, that he just released on Monday!

I am looking forward to see what Wanderer has to offer and very excited to hear his music!

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